Add it to your calendar every year: April 27 - Oranjemarkt Veldhoven in the Citycentrum

The Oranjemarkt Veldhoven is an annual event that is held on King’s Day (April 27) in the Citycenter in Veldhoven. It is a non-commercial flea market, accessible for free, with stage programs and entertainment! An accessible family event FROM, FOR and BY VELDHOVEN! Key words here are: meeting, presenting and entertaining. We receive more than 20,000 visitors every year.

This festival has become an indispensable part of the Veldhoven events calendar and is highly appreciated by the municipality, local entrepreneurs, associations and not to forget the Veldhoven and regional population. Partly thanks to the tireless efforts of the many enthusiastic volunteers, who ensure that visitors are offered a Royal holiday every year. During the Oranjemarkt, Veldhoven shows that it is buzzing with activities, for young and old, by young and old. This makes living and working in Veldhoven and its surroundings even better.

Purpose of the Oranjemarkt?

The Oranjemarkt Veldhoven has 3 main goals: meet, present and entertain.

First of all, people should be able to meet in a pleasant environment. Local and non-profit organizations can showcase what they do here in an accessible way and possibly recruit new members. The event explicitly targets families with children. The common thread is the free market where everyone can offer stuff for sale, play music or show what hobby they practice. In recent years, 180 market stalls have been rented out. In addition, the kids take up hundreds of floor spaces on the site.

Various stages form the 2nd ingredient of the Oranjemarkt. Talents and associations can present themselves on these stages with singing, dancing and music.

The third goal is also very important: entertainment! Entertainment at the Oranjemarkt mainly focuses on parents with children aged up to 14 years. By focusing on this, the organization of Oranjemarkt Veldhoven wants to attract families in particular to the market. That is why there are a special children’s square, street theater, clowns and musical groups. Everyone can enjoy live music on the various terraces. And…there’s plenty of space to play too.


The Orange Market Veldhoven originated from an initiative of the Sint-Maarten parish. When it was announced in 1988 that a Catholic church could be built in Heikant, all kinds of recruitment drives were held. One was the Kempenspektakel in 1989, at Peter Benenson Park. A great event with the aim of generating funds for the church to be built.

A few years later there was a second version. This time around St. Martin’s Church (opened in 1990), the Atalanta and surrounding streets. Very atmospheric.The catering took place from the church building and volunteers were called in from the parish. The goal at that time was: an organ for the church. The Wijkbelangen Heikant Foundation was also involved in the entire organization. Among other things, they organized the children’s games. The responsibility for the market was with the parish.

As the grounds around the church became too small, people started looking for alternatives. Collaboration was sought with the Severinus Foundation to organize a similar event on Queen’s Day. It became the Oranjemarkt, which moved to the grounds of De Berkt. From then on, the main purpose of the Oranjemarkt Veldhoven is to strengthen the ties between the residents of Veldhoven and create a cozy and lively atmosphere together.

From 1999 till 2017 you could find the Oranjemarkt Veldhoven in De Berkt residential area, on the border of the Heikant and Oerle. In this neighborhood, people from the Severinus Foundation with intellectual disabilities live together with ‘ordinary families’. Since the move of Oranjemarkt to De Berkt, the neighborhood and the Severinus have been closely involved in organizing the market. A collaboration that has been working more than perfectly for years in a constructive and friendly atmosphere. This formula uniquely shapes the integration of mentally disabled citizens into our community. At that time, the actual Oranjemarkt organization consisted of an active group of enthusiasts of about 15 people. In addition, over 100 volunteers are helping to make this event possible. In recent years, the Oranjemarkt Veldhoven has attracted over 20,000 visitors from Veldhoven and, increasingly, its immediate surroundings.

Since 2018, the Oranjemarkt has taken place at the Citycentrum and the first edition at this location was a huge success with great weather! The new location offers many advantages. First of all, the infrastructure is much better and we are less weather-dependent because a large part of the Citycentrum is covered. However, we have noticed that income from sponsorships has declined in recent years and that recruiting volunteers is also not easy. Unfortunately, corona has dropped our market in 2020 and 2021. But on April 27, 2022, we were able to organize another Oranjemarkt, on a slightly smaller scale than previous years, due to uncertainty and short preparation time, but just as enjoyable!

In 2024 we will organize the 30th edition of Oranjemarkt Veldhoven on King’s Day (until 2014 Queen’s Day). This year our King’s Day falls on Saturday, April 27. We will go for it together!

Setup of Oranjemarkt

The Oranjemarkt emphatically wants to distinguish itself from “just another” commercial fair or flea market… We consciously choose a non-commercial format, free admission and free floor spaces and attractions for the kids! In addition, the prices for stall rental have remained at an affordable level. This way King’s Day in Veldhoven will be a real celebration OF, FOR and BY Veldhoven!!!

How can you organize a FREE event with only volunteers these days? This is only possible with the help of a large number of sponsors from the business community in Veldhoven and surroundings, Veldhoven municipality, income from catering (very weather-dependent) and the rental of market stalls (income from this is limited due to our goal of organizing a accessible event).

Do you want to support Oranjemarkt Veldhoven or do you know a new sponsor for Oranjemarkt Veldhoven? Check out our page sponsors or send an email to Ivo and Eduard at for more information.

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer at the Oranjemarkt? Do you get energy from seeing others enjoy themselves? If so, please contact us via email!

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